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Alec Bradley American Classic Blend
Alec Bradley American Classic Blend

Alec Bradley American Classic Blend

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Alan Rubin, founder of Alec Bradley Cigars, wanted to create the taste of a classic, old-style Tampa-made cigar. As a result, he created the extraordinarily balanced Alec Bradley American Classic Blend cigar.

After settling on a special blend of aged Nicaraguan long-cut fillers, Alan Rubin hand-selected a bold Nicaraguan binder to give the cigar an intriguing, flavorful core. For the distinctive wrapper, he used Connecticut-seed tobacco grown near his plant in Honduras to give the cigar its traditionally American look.

This mild-to-medium bodied cigar is balanced, with a smooth creamy draw and just a hint of cedar on the smooth finish. Designed to have a slow burn and an even draw, the American Classic even holds its ash better than many competitors, which makes for a leisurely, satisfying smoking experience.

This Alec Bradley cigar is mild enough for daily enjoyment. Aficionados agree, this cigar deserves a spot in your humidor.

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