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Alec Bradley Family Blend The Lineage
Alec Bradley Family Blend The Lineage

Alec Bradley Family Blend The Lineage

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It’s all in the family.

A family man at heart, Alan Rubin’s next endeavor was inspired by two very important people. For those unfortunate souls who have yet to become acquainted with Alec Bradley and his vast portfolio, here’s a quick fact: Alec Bradley is not the name of the manufacturer. The line was founded in 1996 and was named after Alan’s two young sons,  Alec and Bradley. Eighteen years later, both lads have reached legal age in most states. To celebrate this momentous occasion, Alec Bradley Lineage was born.

Lineage is an extension to the Family Blend line, a collection of premium handmades that already boasts multiple 90+ ratings, and by the looks of it, this is sure to be another. A milk chocolaty Honduran wrapper leaf from the Trojes growing region covers finely aged Nicaraguan and Honduran long-fillers. Beautifully constructed, Lineage delivers notes of earth, cedar, and citrus, with a subtle spice appearing on the retrohale. This selection is a must-try, that’s for sure. Plus, at these affordable prices, it’s so easy to say yes! 

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