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Alec Bradley Mundial
Alec Bradley Mundial

Alec Bradley Mundial

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A global sensation.

Even though it took Alec Bradley almost five years to complete Mundial, it was well worth every hard-earned day. This blend hung out on the back burner for years, making way for hits such as Prensado, Cigar Aficionado’s Cigar of the Year in 2011. As for Mundial, the timing was never just right....Until now.

Make way for this incredibly special blend, featuring a careful mix of four distinct fillers from Nicaragua and Honduras with a generous amount of ligero and two binders – one Honduran, one Nicaraguan. The wrapper leaf is a thing of beauty, a stunner from the Trojes region of Honduras. Besides just the blend, the shape of this handmade is a real standout, with all sizes being rolled in the perfecto shape. All in all, Mundial is worth the wait, and it showed up right on time.

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