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Ashton Cabinet
Ashton Cabinet

Ashton Cabinet

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Ashton's top-shelf, vintage beauty.

When it comes to Ashton cigars, top-notch quality is a given. So what makes the Ashton Cabinet Selection special and worth the extra couple of shillings over the Ashton Classic line? I'm glad you asked. Ashton Cabinet Selection cigars utilize a 4-5 year aged blend of Dominican long-fillers adorned with a top-grade Connecticut shade wrapper leaf that's been aged for a full 12 months longer than the wrapper leaf on Ashton Classic. The result is a smooth, elegant profile that's crisp, clean and layered with notes of oak, cedar, pepper, cream, and coffee. Expensive, yes, but likely worth every penny.

Ashton Cabinet Selection received a well-deserved 90-rating noting: "Draped in a smooth, blond wrapper, this cigar draws and burns very well. Its woody, mellow flavors have light creamy undertones. The finish is toasty."

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