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Ashton VSG
Ashton VSG

Ashton VSG

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The 94-rated beast from Ashton cigars.

Ashton VSG cigars are extremely well-made gems from the Dominican Republic that represent one of the cigar world's most prized non-Cuban cigars. The tobaccos used are exquisite, making each cigar within the line a homerun from start to finish. Taken from the tobacco plant's highest primings, the Ecuadorian sun grown wrapper offers a rich, reddish hue and spicy, chewy flavor. The 4-5 year old Dominican long-fillers are masterfully blended to promote a smooth, but eventful flavor that's hearty and robust. Together, these tobaccos combine to satisfy even the most achieved palates.

In addition to an astounding 94-rating, Ashton VSG was also named one of the Top 25 Cigars of 2013. The review stated, "Strong, oily, flavorful leaf that leaves an impression on the palate. It's one of the benchmark brands for Ashton... hearty flavor with a robust nuttiness and a caramel sweetness for balance."

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