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Robert Levin, the founder of Ashton Cigars, is a highly recognized cigar-craftsman who offers us magical blends time after time. As a second generation tobacco expert, and with an exceptional amount of experience under his belt, Levin has truly figured out the art of creating the perfect smoke. Backed by the renowned Fuente family’s approval and manufacturing experience, Ashton Cigars are truly something special. True to the name, razor sharp burns and flavorful smokes characterize each and every hand rolled Ashton beauty.

In this particular line, a gorgeous golden-brown Connecticut Shade wrapper surrounds a Dominican binder and an intriguing blend of deliciously aged Dominican long-fillers. The result is a mild-medium bodied Ashton cigar containing an impeccable balance of lush, hearty flavors and notes of peppery spice.

Available in boxes, packs and singles, Ashton cigars are perfect any time of day, as they pair well with a morning coffee or evening scotch. Handcrafted by the legendary Tabacalera A. Fuente, we highly recommend making this flavorful gem the next addition to your humidor.

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