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Asylum 13
Asylum 13

Asylum 13

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Asylum 13 cigars....good enough to drive you insane.

Years ago, Christian Eiroa and his 94-rated Camacho family of brands conquered Honduras. Today, he's out to conquer Nicaragua. Enter the Asylum, a gorgeous, boutique lovely showcasing the very best Nicaragua has to offer, let alone the raw blending talents of Eiroa himself.

Asylum 13 cigars are true Nicaraguan puros. A dark, Nicaraguan Habano wrapper cloaks a feisty combination of aged Cuban-seed long-fillers grown throughout the black, volcanic soils of Nicaragua. Upon lighting, one can expect a complex, medium to full-bodied array of flavorful, Nica-influenced goodness, along with a slow, cool burn letting you fully appreciate every last nuance. Earth, cocoa, espresso bean, black tobacco, sweet notes, and gentle spices. Indeed, Asylum 13 is eventful throughout, and a cigar you don't want to miss out on.

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