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Asylum Schizo Maduro
Asylum Schizo Maduro

Asylum Schizo Maduro

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The dark side of Schizo.

Since its initial release the Schizo line, from the brains behind Asylum cigars, has raised a ruckus for being absurdly affordable and downright delicious. This top-selling brand was missing something though, the yin to its yang, and with the new Schizo Maduro the picture is now complete.

Schizo Maduro is made at the El Aladino factory in Honduras and features a San Andres wrapper over Honduran fillers. This blend is Cuban sandwich, meaning it’s a combination of long and short filler, but you won’t notice as this cigar has top-notch construction and releases clouds of pleasing aromas. The stick is medium-bodied and has flavors of chocolate, spice, earth, pepper, and wood making this a perfect budget-friendly blend to add to your everyday rotation.

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