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CAO Brazilia
Cao Brazilia

CAO Brazilia

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Another jawbreaker from CAO cigars!

Released after five years of planning, the CAO Brazilia is a full-flavored cigar made from the finest Brazilian wrappers, aged Nicaraguan long leaves and binders, and aged extensively. The fat ring gauges from 54 to 60 on the ?Brazilia helps deliver a veritable bevy of complex flavors while offering a smooth, rich and full taste.

In addition to 'Best Buy' honors and a generous dos?e of 90-point ratings, CAO Brazilia received a well-deserved '91' rating, noting:

"A dark, oily cigar with a beautiful torpedo tip. It has an easy draw, burning with a rich aroma. The smoke is complex, with an earthy, floral flavor and a toasty, nutty quality. Full bodied, with a long, toasty finish."

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