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CAO Colombia
Cao Colombia

CAO Colombia

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CAO adds another country to its World Blend Series with the CAO Colombia. This cigar is made with a Columbian tobacco rarely seen in premium cigars: Ica Mazinga. Found in the Montes de Maria region, an isolated region close to the Caribbean coast in Columbia, these one-of-a-kind seeds have been cultivated and perfected for over 15 years in order to create their unique Colombian flavor. Since Cuban-seed tobaccos have been largely popular in Columbia since the 19th century, you can bet the Ica Mazinga is a tobacco worth trying.

This mild-medium-bodied smoke is encased in a natural Honduran wrapper that tastes of toasted nuts, coffee, and finishes out sweet yet salty. The delicate flavor mix gives the CAO Colombia an overall medium to full strength profile, for a truly unique premium experience.

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