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CAO Margaritaville
CAO Margaritaville

CAO Margaritaville

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Even if you don’t like getting caught in the rain, the Pina Colada flavored CAO Margaritaville is your escape from the hum-drum, and a uniquely flavored cigar for when you need a change of pace. As the flagship in the new CAO Margaritaville line, this blend seeks to capture the laid back vibe CAO is known for.

While you won’t locate that lost shaker of salt here, CAO Margaritaville is dressed in a Cameroon wrapper over Dominican long-fillers. This mild-bodied blend imparts the nuances of Pina Colada and includes notes of nuts, wood, and cream. Add some of these to your cart and capture the essence of the island lifestyle from the comfort of your home.

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