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CAO Pilon
CAO Pilon

CAO Pilon

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CAO is known for their laundry list of 90+ rated blends and for being one of the most innovative brands in the industry. From their breakthrough classic CAO Black, to the shape of the CAO Flathead, to their use of unique leaves in CAO OSA Sol, CAO has never been afraid to push the envelope. Now with their new release, CAO Pilon, they are resurrecting a seldom used and costly fermentation method, the circular pilon. A standard tobacco pilon is basically a pile of tobacco ‘hands,’ which are 10-15 tobacco leaves tied together, that are allowed to heat up and ferment. With a circular pilon the hands are carefully layered in a circular pattern, with the payoff being that the tobacco ferments at a slower rate which enhances the flavor.

CAO Pilon comes dressed in a dazzling Ecuador Habano wrapper, encasing the binder and long-fillers from Nicaragua. This cigar is medium-bodied and packs flavor in droves with delicious notes of spice, cedar, pepper, nuts, and cocoa. CAO Pilon is a rich and hearty blend that continues CAO’s string of hits.

CAO Pilon received an impressive 90-rating noting: "This cigar has the sweet and bready cinnamon qualities of a graham cracker, along with a bold earthy core and cedary finish. The cigar gleams with oil and  burns evenly."

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