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Cohiba Dominican
Cohiba Dominican

Cohiba Dominican

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Reformulated by the world-renowned cigar brand in the 1990s, the Cohiba Dominican took years of patience and development to perfect – and the patience paid off. Originating from the Dominican Republic, Cohiba Dominican cigars are medium-bodied handmades that boast a smooth, flavorful taste you won’t soon forget.

An integral part of the Cohiba family, this Central American beauty is packed with aged, Dominican Piloto Cubano long-fillers, encased in a savory Indonesian binder. To finish it off, the Cohiba Dominican is dressed in a rich, wholesome African Cameroon wrapper. This superb combination enchants the palate with a smooth, even smoke that packs a creamy flavor from start to finish.

Cohiba Dominican cigars come in a large array of shapes and sizes, so you’ll have no trouble finding one you enjoy.

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