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Dutch Masters Cigarillos Chocolate foil 20/3
Dutch Masters Cigarillos Chocolate Foil 20/3

Dutch Masters Cigarillos Chocolate foil 20/3

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Dutch Masters Cigars is a brand that has been around for years. Dutch Masters are available in Palmas, Cigarillos and other sizes and also come in different flavors.
Part Number: 071610498556
Availability: In Stock 68

Quantity: 30 Cigars

Strength: Mild

Manufacturer: Altadis

Size: 4 1/2 x 28

Wrapper: Homogenized Tobacco Leaf

Filler: Cuban Seed Tobaccos

Binder: Homogenized Tobacco Leaf

Made in Puerto Rico

Dutch Masters Cigarillos Chocolate Box are a diverse brand with many options for the buyer. Dutch Masters Cigars come in three sizes, these being Corona and Palma (similar) and Cigarillo. Dutch Masters also come in seven different flavors: Chocolate, Cognac, Grape, Original Tobacco, Honey Sport, Vanilla, and Strawberry. Depending on the size, on may purchase Dutch masters in a box of 50, a box of 30, or a box of 55, as well as 5 packs of 5. They are produced in Puerto Rico by the company Altadis, who also manufactures Backwoods, Muriel, Hav-A-Tampa, and others. Dutch Masters are made with Cuban Seed Tobacco and wrapped in a homogenized tobacco leaf that gives it a mild and unique flavor

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