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El Producto Finos Cigars Pack
El Producto Finos Cigars Pack

El Producto Finos Cigars Pack

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El Producto Cigars is a famous brand that is made with quality aged tobaccos that gives them that awesome taste. Available in different sizes.
Part Number: 07161080140
Availability: Discontinued 0

Quantity: 5 Packs of 5

Strength: Mild - Medium

Manufacturer: Altadis USA

Wrapper: Natural

Size: 5 x 48 1/2

Wrapper: Homogenized Tobacco Leaf
Filler: Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed
Binder: Homogenized Tobacco Leaf
Made in: Puerto Rico

El Producto Finos Pack cigars have a blend of Caribbean Cuban basin seed and premium tobacco leaves. A homogenized binder leaf is used to hold the filler together, while a natural wrapper covers the binder. The wrapper also complements the flavor profile of the cigar, and enhances the quality of the smoke. All these things come together to add a certain edge to the cigar and help create a smoking experience that is relaxed and flavorsome.

These cigars are Assembled in Puerto Rico, the cigars are 5 1/2 inches in length and have a ring size of 48. El Producto sells these cigars in packs of 5 singles.

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