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Espinosa Habano
Espinosa Habano

Espinosa Habano

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The name Erik Espinosa might not ring a bell, but you've probably already encountered at least one of his top-notch brands. He's been behind the wheel of brands like Cubao, 601, Murcielago, La Bomba, and a handful of others. Recently, he opened his own factory in Esteli, Nicaragua, called La Zona. As part of his plan to release a new portfolio of top-notch boutique handmades, the Espinosa Habano boldly leads the charge.

Introducing the Espinosa Habano. A lovely medium-bodied handmade that dishes out wave after wave of handmade goodness. Carefully crafted under Erik Espinosa's watchful eye, each cigar starts with a leathery and flavorful Nicaraguan Habano wrapper. This leaf sits atop a long-filler bouquet of proprietary tobaccos, secretly blended, for a rich well-balanced smoke. Together, these tobaccos strike up a savory array of smooth, soothing flavors. Prominent notes of pepper, cedar, cocoa, and a creamy semi-sweet finish, all round out this highly satisfying handmade. Erik Espinosa hit all the right keys with this one, and it shows.

Espinosa Habano received two, well-deserved 90-point ratings. One of which noted, "Peppery at first, this thick cigar develops notes of rich coffee, followed by a bit of toast and a solid earthiness. A balanced and tasty smoke."

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