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Espinosa Maduro
Espinosa Maduro

Espinosa Maduro

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Ding! This maduro is well-done!

The follow-up to the 90-rated Espinosa Habano, Espinosa Maduro is here to turn up the heat. After already building an impressive resume with the likes of 601 and Cubao, Erik Espinosa just padded it some more with this fine specimen.

Dark chocolate, smooth, and blemish-free are just some words that come to mind while gazing upon the Mexican maduro wrapper. But enough drooling for now. Where were we? Ah yes....under the hood of this triple-capped creation looms an all-Nicaraguan core, that's bold and well-balanced. Each puff exudes deep, rich, earthy flavors followed by a nice hint of sweetness. Medium to full-bodied the strength is evident but never overpowering, making the Espinosa Maduro a cigar you should seriously consider.

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