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Fire Grabba Cigar Wraps Black Edition - 20Ct
Fire Grabba Cigar Wraps Black Edition - 20Ct

Fire Grabba Cigar Wraps Black Edition - 20Ct

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Fire Grabba cigar wraps have a rich flavor, making them a favorite of tobacco lovers across the country. Grabba Leaf is a versatile tobacco leaf. It's darker and slightly thicker than the fronto tobacco leaf and is often used as a filler or an all-natural cigar wrapper. Grabba is a Jamaican term for fronto leaves that have been broken into strips or crushed. They're almost always air-cured.

Once dried, the leaf is dark and aromatic with visible veins. While some lower-grade leaves have the occasional hole or tear, these do nothing to affect the usability of the leaf as a cigar wrap. These slight imperfections often make grabba leaf so popular, as they're usually cheaper than better quality fronto leaves but have the same smoky, chocolate-tinged flavor.

Besides the cost advantage of using grabba leaf as cigar wrappers, there is the smooth, flavorful effect they have on your smoking experience. And you can rest easy knowing that these 100% organic wraps are free of the harsh chemicals and additives in regular rolling papers. Finally, grabba leaf tobaccos provide an extra dose of nicotine to your cigar or blunt to perk up your day and mood. 

Established in 2018, Fire brand may be a new company on the scene. Still, its grabba leaf tobacco products have already created a healthy following for their authentic, full-bodied flavor and affordable prices.  We carry several Fire brand all-natural wraps, including regular and premium grabba leaf wraps and banana leaf cones.

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