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Gurkha Evil
Gurkha Evil

Gurkha Evil

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Introducing, Gurkha Evil....the latest in highly rated super-premiums from the prestigious family of cigars known as Gurkha. This rustic handmade combines a thick and leathery Brazilian wrapper with extensively aged Nicaraguan long-fillers secured by a feisty Dominican binder. Crafted into a variety of generous sizes, each Evil produces a medium to full-bodied array of flavor that remains smooth and balanced down to the nub. Hearty notes of pepper and wood mingle with earthy tones and a sweet, cedary finish. Both strength and flavor intensify during the burn, completing an eventful and powerful handmade built with the same uncompromising level of quality Gurkha is known for.

Gurkha Evil received a well-deserved 90-point rating, noting: "An attractive Torpedo that smokes evenly. The smoke is very toasty in character with hints of roasted nuts and a pleasant floral finish."

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