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Montecristo Afrique
Montecristo Afrique

Montecristo Afrique

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One of today's most popular brands with cigar aficionados, Montecristo dates back to 1935 Cuba, and the two men who created it, Alonso Menendez and Pepe Garcia.

When Fidel Castro's communist government took over the Montecristo brand along with the rest of the Cuban cigar industry, Menendez and Garcia fled Cuba, where they eventually ended up in the Dominican Republic and re-established their Montecristo brand in the mid-1970s. This new location enabled them to re-release their Montecristo brand, and sell it directly to the U.S. market, where Cuba's rights to the brand aren't recognized due to the trade embargo.

The Montecristo Afrique is a unique traditional cigar expertly handcrafted from mostly African cigar tobaccos from Cameroon and Tanzania, it has a wonderfully distinct and entrancing flavor with an exotic, spicy core. Indescribably rich and creamy, this one-of-a-kind luxury blend is an absolute must-try for all cigar aficionados.

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