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Montecristo Habana 2000
Montecristo Habana 2000

Montecristo Habana 2000

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The Montecristo cigar brand has its origins in Cuba and dates back to 1935, when the brand was created by Alonso Menendez and Pepe Garcia in Cuba.

When Fidel Castro's communist government took over the Montecristo brand along with the rest of the Cuban cigar industry, the owners of Montecristo, Menendez and Garcia fled Cuba, and eventually ended up in the Dominican Republic where today's Montecristos are produced.

A classic brand with a spicy twist—The Montecristo H2000 cigar is hand made in the Dominican Republic, with Dominican binder, and filler tobaccos encased in a Nicaraguan-grown H2000 wrapper. This peppery wrapper leaf helps make this blend into an immensely satisfying cigar for the more experienced smoker who desires a bit more flavor from his cigars.

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