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Nat Sherman 1930
Nat Sherman 1930

Nat Sherman 1930

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In the 1930’s more than 30,000 small factories had been located in every American town offering cigar brands in a staggering array of sizes, shapes, and blends, and one of those brands is still hanging around today and is more popular than ever. To celebrate the legendary Nat Sherman’s longevity, cigar maker extraordinaire Manuel Quesada was called to the task of creating a distinctive blend to honor 1930, the year Nat Sherman was founded.

Made in Manuel’s Dominican based factory, this is a bold and exhilarating dose of power, fueled by rich Dominican and Nicaraguan filler tobaccos and a very rare deep-brown Dominican wrapper that is hard to grow, but adds tons of robust flavor to the mix. This medium to full-bodied blend gets better with each puff. Cocoa, vanilla bean, and a host of sweet spice flavors merge seamlessly throughout the length of the smoke. The 1930 is a worthy addition to any premium cigar smoker’s collection.

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