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Natural by Drew Estate Maduro
Natural by Drew Estate Maduro

Natural by Drew Estate Maduro

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Available in your choice of seven distinct frontmarks, you can’t go wrong with a Natural by Drew Estate, manufactured in Estelí, Nicaragua. You can truly taste the genuineness with every puff of these handmade cigars featuring tobaccos that vary in origin from Syria and Turkey to Louisiana. And although the blends may differ, the first-class, premium quality is consistent throughout this Nicaraguan cigar line, which includes the following styles to match the preferences of just about any fan of premium handmade cigars.  

Dirt: A dark parejo-shaped cigar that carries hints of mocha.
Dirt Torpedo: Similar to Dirt, but longer and with a pointed end.
Juicy Lucy: A smaller, medium-bodied, smooth cigar finished with a Cameroon wrapper.
NBD: Stands for “Natural Dirt Blend”; a 7 x 44 Lonsdale.
Root: A hearty cigar with a flavors of mocha and cappuccino.
Natural Elixir: A smooth smoke with hints of vanilla, cream, and peanuts.
Egg: An incredible uniquely designed bulb-shaped smoke that’s robust, enjoyable, and available in two wrapper shades.

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