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Nub Natural
Nub Natural

Nub Natural

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Like all innovative products, the nub started as a mere idea at the Oliva factory in Nicaragua. The torcedor wanted to make a cigar that hit its sweet spot at first light. No fuss, no muss – no wait. The result is the Nub cigar.

The Nub by Olivia comes in a variety of wrappers, but each and every one uses captivating Nicaraguan tobacco. Despite its short length, the Nub burns just as long as a full sized Toro or Churchill. In fact, this uniquely stout cigar successfully captures the flavor and body of the last four, five inches of a traditional cigar all the way through. You get the ‘sweet spot’ all the way through. Further, each wrapper lends its own subtle, distinct flavor, from the sweet tobacco in the Connecticut to the smoky aftertaste of the Habano.

The unusual size and shape of the Nub isn’t just for show or novelty, Oliva designs each cigar to deliberately maximize the underlying cedar and spice flavors, and enhance your every draw. Available in your choice of four wrappers: Cameroon, Connecticut, Habano or Brazilian.

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