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Oliva Serie O
Oliva Serie O

Oliva Serie O

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Oliva is no stranger to quality cigars. In fact, their blends have claimed a top spot with Cigar Aficionado every year since 2005. Integral to developing the brand’s sterling reputation, the Oliva Serie O cigar is no exception.

For this Nicaraguan Puro, the masters at Oliva chose Habano seeds grown in Esteli, Condega and the Jalapa Valley to produce the perfect filler tobacco. Bound together with a smooth, flavorful Habano leaf and wrapped in a silky, sun-grown Habano wrapper, the Oliva Serie O excels from the inside out.

With rich tobacco, cedar and coffee flavors, the complex smoke is complemented by a medium-bodied spiciness that makes this Cuban-influenced Nicaraguan an excellent celebratory cigar. It’s an ideal addition to any collector’s humidor; and depending on your size preference, try an Oliva Serie O Churchill, Robusto or Double Toro. Light up one of these triumphant cigars to make events both big and small feel like a true celebration.

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