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Perdomo Lot 23 Natural
Perdomo Lot 23 Natural

Perdomo Lot 23 Natural

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The outstanding Lot 23 cigars are handmade in Nicaragua with a robust blend of premium long fillers and spicy binder leaves that are grown exclusively together on one of Perdomo’s most prestigious farms in Estelí. The tobacco is planted in September, harvested in January, fermented for a year, and aged in bales for at least three years before being finished with flavorful wrapper leaves. They are available in your choice of a medium-brown Connecticut or a darker Cuban-seed maduro wrapper. Both offer great medium-bodied, nutty flavors that are enhanced by notes of cedar, coffee, and spice. The inside of each cedar box is adorned with a vista of the famed Lot 23 Farm along with the dates the tobacco was grown, harvested, fermented, and aged. Surprisingly, this tasty medium- bodied cigar is also reasonably priced.

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