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Perdomo Nick's Sticks
Perdomo Nick's Sticks

Perdomo Nick's Sticks

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If you are looking for a solid handmade Perdomo cigar at an affordable price, we have a beauty for you. The same expert artisanship, the same signature flavors, all stuffed in a nice cedar box that won’t fracture your wallet. Say hello to Nick’s Sticks.

Once made exclusively for Miami’s Little Havana community, this very hearty Cuban-seed blend is a favorite of their creator, the renowned Nick Perdomo, the man behind so many great smokes! With this one, you’ll get Nick’s rich and earthy recipe surrounded by either a silky Ecuador Connecticut leaf or a decadently sweeter maduro. At these prices, you Perdomo fans may want to start creating some open real estate in your humidor so you can order more than one box.

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