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Punch Gran Puro
Punch Gran Puro

Punch Gran Puro

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Originating in Cuba in the 19th century, Punch cigars began production in Honduras in the late 1960’s after Castro took control in Cuba. Today they are as popular as ever and are the preferred cigar of aficionados worldwide.

Punch Gran Puro, is just that, A genuine puro cigar ("puro," in cigar parlance, means that all of the tobacco used is from a single nation) that is a medium-to-full-bodied smoke with a spicy, earthy core, and a creamy finish that is unmistakably Honduran. The richest sun-grown binder and wrapper leaves are harvested from the highest priming of the plant to give this cigar an extra punch. The tobaccos used in these beauties are hand-selected from the Honduran San Agustin Valley, with the wrapper being grown exclusively for this cigar. This is one cigar that's hard to imitate.

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