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Rocky Patel Ice
Rocky Patel Ice

Rocky Patel Ice

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Introducing Rocky Patel Ice, another super-premium cigar made exclusively for JR by one of the founding fathers of the Boutique market. Unlike our other Patel exclusive, the Fire, Rocky turned down the heat a bit with this one to create a fabulous medium-bodied smoke that can easily be enjoyed by all types of smokers.

Ice come to you with the finest selection of aged Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos rolled underneath a rustic and oily reddish brown Habano wrapper. The result is a beautifully constructed stick that is woodsy in nature with bold notes of earth, cedar, oak, nuts, and soft spice. Available in four popular sizes and packaged in boxes of 10, Rocky Patel Ice is not only fragrant and delicious- it is also surprisingly affordable!

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