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Romeo y Julieta Reserve
Romeo y Julieta Reserve

Romeo y Julieta Reserve

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Romeo y Julieta produces some of the best tasting cigars, and is one of the most trusted names in the cigar world today. What I bet some of you didn't know is that the brand also is traditionally credited with the introduction of the "Churchill" shape in honor of the British statesman Winston Churchill.

Romeo y Julieta Reserve, formerly known as Habana Reserve is produced in Honduras at the Flor de Copán factory. These medium to full-bodied, handmade beauties will captivate your senses with the distinguished smoothness of a Romeo intermingled with the rich, hearty flavors of the finest, hand-selected Honduran and Nicaraguan filler tobaccos. Attractive deep-brown, silky wrapper leaves complete the cigars resulting in a more seasoned version of an old favorite!

Bottom line... Romeo y Julieta Reserve is a very smooth, robust cigar, with flavors of earth, and spice, a marvelous aroma, and a long finish. A must try smoke for every cigar aficionado.

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