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Romeo y Julieta Star Crossed
Romeo y Julieta Star Crossed

Romeo y Julieta Star Crossed

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Sometimes destinies align, sometimes they don’t… but in the world of love and good cigars, anything can happen. Though it seems like the universe did everything in its power to keep us from bringing you this brand-new premium line extension from Romeo y Julieta, the spicy-sweet and complex result is proof that all of the trials were worth it. And again, as it has in the past, the Romeo y Julieta brand has overcome all obstacles to bring the smoker and the cigar together...

Introducing Romeo y Julieta Star Crossed! A cigar that caters to modern smokers’ refined palates with a complexity that is sure to please even the most discerning palate.

This amazing smoke features a sweet and spicy flavor profile within a medium-bodied Dominican and Nicaraguan blend finished with an EMS Ecuador Connecticut wrapper leaf. In keeping with Romeo Y Julieta standards the construction and flavor of this cigar is nothing short of superb!

From a legendary cigar brand comes a legendary cigar! Try one today.

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