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Room 101 HN
Room 101 HN

Room 101 HN

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Room 101 is no stranger to limited edition cigars. The brand typically releases a new, special cigar every year. And following the success of the San Andres, they decided to develop a brand new Room 101 cigar blend: The HN.

Named after the Honduran Criollo and the creamy Dominican Navarette, this exotic blend uses a Brazilian Mata Fina wrapper to help round out the robust flavor. This gives the HN a strong, full bodied strength profile with plenty of sweetness so fans of milder cigars will savor it, as well. Hints of cream, cedar and coffee dominate the smoking experience while the subtle spiciness slowly fades as the cigar reaches its renowned sweet spot – just before it gets too bold.

Only 20,000 cigars were made in each size, which means that only 800 boxes were produced altogether. So if you’re looking for a sweet cigar handcrafted with nice richness, be sure to snap up a box of the Room 101 HN from JR Cigars before they’re all gone.

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