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Room 101 Namakubi Ecuador
Room 101 Namakubi Ecuador

Room 101 Namakubi Ecuador

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The Namakubi Ecuador is the latest offering from Matt Booth’s popular Room 101 cigar brand. Fittingly, the name comes from the Japanese term for “the severed head of a defeated samurai.” Need we say more?

Made from a premium blend of Dominican and Honduran long-filler tobaccos, a tasty Corojo binder and a finely curated Habano wrapper, the lush Room 101 Namakubi Cigar appeals to eye and the seasoned smoker’s selectiveness. You’ll taste strong cedar and leather throughout the medium-bodied smoke, while spicy notes sneak through to harmonize with the blend, rather than overwhelm.

The packaging alone makes this unique cigar a great conversation starter, but once you cut the head off of the Namakubi Ecuador, the pleasurable smoking experience will keep you coming back. Order a single, pack or box from Jr Cigars to enjoy a superb smoke for a reasonable price.

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