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When the dedicated cigar craftsmen at Drew Estate couldn’t stop smoking their very own Liga Privada cigars, supplies started to run low. In response, these torcedores decided to craft their own cigars with the same tobacco used in various other Liga Privada cigars. The result is the expertly rolled, medium-bodied Drew Estate Liga Privada Undercrown, an amalgamation of truly unique, extraordinarily delicious blends.

Before lighting, you’ll taste spicy flavors present on the dark, sleek San Andrés maduro wrapper. When the Nicaraguan Cuban-seed tobaccos and Brazilian Mata Fina fillers spark, a creamy smoke will release notes of sweet espresso, almond, and spice to invigorate your nostrils and palate. Further along, hints of coffee, dark chocolate, and black pepper become enjoyably apparent. Aficionados and beginners alike will bask in the glorious, robust finish.

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