Celebrate Halloween with Our 7 Spooky Cigars which will Haunt your Humidor!

      On October most folks think of Trick-or-Treaters and Jack-O-Lanterns but here at CheapCigars4Me we think of Cigars. We chose 7 Spooky Cigars that best fit to Celebrate Halloween.

Asylum Premium

A high-rated creation by Christian Eiroa, the Asylum line of handmade cigars is crafted in Nicaragua and offers various styles of bold blends to cigar fans looking for top-quality construction along with a unique and innovative edge in both flavor and appearance. Not your everyday premium medium-to-full-bodied smokes, Asylum cigars are big on zest while being balanced on the palate. Asylum has three Spooky cigars Asylum 13, Asylum Schizo, and Asylum Straight Jacket are the perfect treat on Halloween but stay alert and try not to lose your mind within the cigar.  

Gurkha Premium

                 Handmade in the Dominican Republic and Honduras. Using only the rarest and finest aged tobacco leaf from several nations and methodically appointing them to each of their blends, you will delight in a multitude of luxurious and unique flavors. Tastefully appointed in artistically themed packaging, and sparing no cost on quality and presentation, Gurkha is often referred to as the "Rolls Royce of cigars”. Gurkha has two spooky cigars Gurkha Evil and Gurkha Red Witch these cigars are powerful with its extra-aged and extra-fermented for a fantastic punch to the finish.


Drew Estate Premium

 Kentucky Fired Cured Swamp Thang has the distinction of being the first premium cigar to pair fire-cured tobaccos with a lush, green candela wrapper. This cigar has a natural shade leaf from the cap to the band that has been barrel-fermented and fire-cured. Resting beneath this two-tone combo is a manufacturer’s secret blend of aged binder and long fillers. Enjoy your scrumptious hickory, pineapple, molasses, caramel, a touch of chocolate, and some sweet and smoky barbecue flavor on Halloween and you just may find Swamp Thang lurking around.

 Make sure you enjoy Halloween by treating yourself to some spooky Cigars!

                    What will you be smoking this Halloween? Let us know with a comment below!­­



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