Do cigars ever go bad

Since the invention, cigars are seen as a trademark of status and class. From graduation to bachelor parties, travel tours to relaxing in a condo, many events go perfectly with celebratory cigars. For leisure smokers, these have become a part of their lives. 

However, most newbies get concerned about the expiration date and hence avoid collecting them. But, the real question is, “do cigars really go bad after some time?” Sensing this query, we have discussed this issue in this piece. 

Later in this article, we’ve also provided a guide for smoking your first cigar. So, without further ado let’s get right in.

Storage conditions matter

Cigars don’t have an expiration date but they do go bad if not stored in the required conditions. When stored properly, they can last for long and sometimes have their flavor enhanced.

It all comes down to storage. A good humidor should be kept at the proper amount of humidity as well as temperature. The recommended range for storing your cigars is 65-70% humidity and around 65-73 degrees temperature.

No monitoring of temperature fluctuations

Depending on the time of the year, you may witness some fluctuation in the temperature or humidity. At any season, don’t freak out, just keep the fluctuation stable and don’t allow it to drop or go over the preferred range. If this happens by any chance, your cigars would either dry out or become too moist, preventing you from enjoying them at a later date.

Humidity acts as a destructor, sometimes

Humidity is the major factor that determines the life of your cigars. Cigars that had gone through a high range of fluctuation in humidity can either get flimsy and burn out quickly or get clogged. We’ve enlisted some effects on cigars due to variations in humidity. Some signs of too little humidity are cigar cracks, the cigar starts to burn fast, stale taste. On the other hand, some signs of too much humidity are cigar will feel soft and not firm, they may be too moist, or develop mold.

Before buying, make sure to check the quality of the cigar. A good cigar will give you a good feel as well as last long. We recommend you Cubiche Grande Torpedo for a flavorsome experience.

How to smoke your first cigar?

  • Find the right place.

It is believed that the place you choose for your first cigar determines whether you’ll smoke in the future or not. So, selecting a great place is the key. For beginners, we recommend heading to a cigar lounge as it provides an ideal environment to smoke and people there are respectful of each other’s space.

If you’re not considering going to a cigar lounge, then the best place left to smoke is in your own home. One advantage of smoking at home is that you’ll have more personal space and this way you’ll always be focused on smoking your cigar.

  • Find the cigar best for you. 

The first thing we suggest you do before smoking is finding a milder cigar that has less amount of nicotine. High quantities of nicotine in your very first smoke will cause you nicotine sickness and make you puke all in your surrounding. It is tolerable when alone but not in a public place and let’s face it, puking is not fun for anyone involved.

Another thing you need to consider is staying away from expensive brands. The major reason behind this is that most beginners do not end up finishing their whole thing and have their money wasted. Now, it doesn’t mean to swing too far to the other side and compromise with the quality. So, going for a nice mild to medium, a mid-priced stick of a well-known brand will be your best decision.

  • Cut your cigar in the right way.

Now, cutting cigars might seem a bit simplistic but it is a surprisingly complicated process. A cigar consists of a head and foot and you’ll need to light the foot and place the head in your mouth. Make sure to cut the bare minimum area to smoke. This whole process becomes way more convenient with the help of a cutter.

Quality cigar cutters such as Double Blade Silver Guillotine Cutter from cheapcigars4me will definitely enhance your first smoking experience. It is specialized in providing a clean cut every time and contains numerous self-sharpening blades.

  • Light your cigar and blow the smoke out.

Lighting the cigar is a crucial process that can determine the outcome of your first session. It’s mandatory for you to evenly light the wrapper and filler. For perfect lighting, cut off the cap and lit the foot.

Now, the correct way of smoking is blowing the old smoke out before puffing in the smoke. This needs to be done in order to get a very enjoyable first draw.

Make sure to never inhale the smoke as it can cause you severe trouble. The best way to smoke is to suck the air gently and fill your mouth with the smoke. Let it stay in your mouth for a few seconds and then gently, blow it out.

Where can I find the best cigars?

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