Enjoy your cigar without a cutter

Unlike cigarettes, Cigars are more of a class product and meant to be enjoyed on special occasions. However, nothing can be more painful and cause inconvenience than forgetting your cutter. You might have forgotten to put it in the bag while packing for your last-minute road trip or camping in the outdoors. 

But as the title suggests, there are several ways you can cut cigars without a cutter. And below we have mentioned some of them. So without any further ado, let’s get started!

The need for a Cigar Cutter

As already said, cigars are a work of art. You would agree as smoking requires many artistic skills. The goal of cutting a cigar is to cut the bare minimum area to smoke. A wrong cut may run the risk of opening up the wrapper leaf which would, in turn, ruin the whole experience and create chaos. 

This is where cigar cutters come to the rescue. They are available in several types such as V-shaped, guillotine, cigar knife, and others. Overall they are a great investment and you would never regret buying one, no matter how expensive it might be.

How to cut a Cigar without a traditional cutter

Having talked about cigars and why a cutter is a must-have accessory, let’s jump right onto the topic and talk about how you can cut cigars without using any cutter. 

  • Use a Pocket Knife

This point assumes you carry a pocket knife with you, especially if you are camping or on a road trip. Many people do carry a pocket knife as it is useful in several situations such as cutting, making fire, and even for safety purposes. So all you have to do is hold the cigar firmly in one hand, and hold the pocket knife in the other hand. Now, keep the blade about 1/16th inch from the top of the cap. Begin rotating it slowly so that almost the whole circumference is covered. You are all done. 

If your knife is sharp enough, the other way of cutting the cigar would be placing it on a hard surface and then slicing its cap off the same way you would slice bread. 

  • Using Thumbnail

If you have a lady companion with you on the trip, this step might work, as ladies generally keep their nails long. However, if your nails are long too, you can proceed by yourself. So all you have to do is use the corner of your thumbnail and cut around the cigar. Slowly cut around the circumference of the head of the cigar and when a portion of it gets detached from the rest of the cigar, you are all set and ready to enjoy.

  • Using something sharp or pointed

If the above-mentioned ways don’t appeal much to you, you can try finding something sharp or pointed and use it to proceed. There are high chances that you’ll find something even if you are in the middle of nowhere. Use a screw, small twig, or even some pebble that is usually found lying on the land. If you are in a coastal area or lying on the beach, we suggest searching for some seashells as they are a bit sharp and would do the intended job.

Make sure you use them wisely and cut in the most precise way possible, as even a small mistake may ruin your smoking experience.

  • Using your teeth

If none of the above works, your last resort would be using your teeth. Mark the area where you usually take a cut and then bite it off to remove the covering. You would have to work with ultimate precision to make this way successful. 

If you’ve got some part of a cigar in your mouth in the process, just spit it off and make sure you don’t swallow it or even taste it. This is because your mouth would get a bitter taste which you may not appreciate.

What to do after you’ve made the right cut?

Now you know how to cut the cigar without using a cutter. This tells us that anything is possible when the need arises and when the desire of achieving something is intense. Having made the right cut, now it’s your time to find a good place to smoke. We suggest searching for a place where you can smoke peacefully and enjoy the toils of your labor. If you are camping, go near a lake and sit on a stone to smoke. And if you are on a beach, you can just admire the sun and the sea waves. 

On the other hand, if you are still in the concrete jungle, we suggest going up to the balcony and lighting the cigar there. You can enjoy smoking while witnessing the world from the comfort of your balcony. Overall a cigar can be enjoyed in a myriad of ways, all you need is a calm setting and a peaceful mind. 

Where to buy the best Cigar from?

Having discussed the main topic, now shall we discuss where you could buy the best cigars from? Great!

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