Smoke Solutions: How to Properly Store Your Fine Cigars

Do you enjoy a good cigar after a long day in the office? You're not alone! Today, there are about 1 billion smokers in the world.

Are you wanting to ensure that you're properly storing your fine cigars? In this article, explore the top tips you won't want to miss.

Read on to discover how to store your cigars. From plastic bags to humidors, we here at Cheap Cigars 4 me will go over all of your options to keep them fresh and as good as new.

What Is the Ideal Temperature for My Fine Cigars?

It's important to keep in mind that the ideal temperature and humidity will be just the right amount to avoid moisture, but will mimic the Caribbean's humidity where cigars are made. A good temperature for storage is 68 F with 70% humidity.

When you reduce the temperature, you should raise the humidity. For example, if you're storing them at 58 degrees, then you'll want the humidity to be at 80%. If you let your fine cigars become over humidified, this can cause them to be damp and you'll need to throw them away.

1. Store Them in a Plastic Bag

The first storage option is in an open plastic bag. This storage option is ideal for when you have just a cigar or 2 on hand.

Use a semi-moist towel in the mouth of the bag, keep the Ziploc bag open, and store it in a dark location.

2. Cooler

If you're going to store your cigars for the long-term, you can place them in a small cooler. Adjust the size of the cooler depending on how many cigars you'll be bringing.

Inside the cooler, you can place a wet sponge with distilled water. You'll also want to use a hygrometer and humidification device.

3. Humidor

You can choose from a variety of styles, sizes, and prices for your humidor. You can buy a humidor in a cigar store or online. If you're trying to store your cigars on a budget, buy a smaller humidor to control the humidity and temperature for a lower price.

You'll want to ensure that the humidor you do buy has cedar lining. This will help to control the airflow and humidity. While it might be tempting to buy plastic or metal humidors, they won't maintain the humidity as well.

Choosing a Humidifier

Once you select your humidor, you'll need to buy a humidifier for it. Your choices can include digital and sponge-style humidifiers or humidor beads:

  • Digital Humidifier

Digital humidifiers will cost more than the other options but are the most efficient. This option will let you set it to the wanted specifications.

  • Sponge-Style Humidifier

Sponge-style humidifiers are the most economical and popular. They're soaked in propylene glycol and placed on the lid of the humidor.

  • Humidor Beads

Humidor beads last long-term and are made with moisture-sensitive silica. To setup humidor beads, you can place them into the toe of pantyhose.

Tie the pantyhose, and cut off any unnecessary parts. Next, spray it with a few squirts of distilled water. When you place it into your humidor, make sure that it doesn't touch your cigars.

For proper maintenance, spray it with distilled water every week or 2. Your hygrometer can read wrong depending on which you go with, so it's best to get into the habit of checking your cigars.

Storing Tips

If you notice any holes in your cigars, you'll want to remove them from the humidor to avoid them spreading to the other cigars. Don't ever freeze your cigars. If you do notice an infestation, clean out your humidor.

Use a humidor to ensure that your cigars will last for the long-term. Buy the size of the humidor based on the number of cigars you have.

Place your humidor in a dark location. You can place it in a cool spot within your office or home.

Only use distilled water inside your humidor. Don't pour it directly into the humidor.

How to Tell When Your Cigar Isn't Fresh Anymore

Without proper storage, your cigars won't stay fresh. If your cigar is moist, it might have mold or you might notice the wrapper opening. When it's moist, it'll be harder to puff.

If your cigar is dry, you'll notice the smoke is uneven, fast, or hot. Always properly store your cigars to avoid this. Your best option is to use a humidor so that you can regulate the temperature and humidity.

Using Your Humidor

Once you buy your humidor, you'll want to break it in. First, attach your hygrometer and humidifier.

Next, add about a cup of distilled water into your humidor. Once you add the water you'll want to close the lid. Wait a day or 2 before filling the humidor with cigars.

You'll want to check your cigars daily to check their freshness. To check freshness, you'll want to squeeze the foot of the cigar. If it doesn't spring when you check it, it's not fresh.

Over time you'll be able to go longer without having to check your cigars. But, it's best to check them daily.

Remember to only use distilled water inside your humidor. When you place cigars inside your humidor, make sure that they're not stacked tightly on top of each other.

Exploring the Proper Storage of Fine Cigars

Now that you've explored how to properly store fine cigars, you should be well on your way to maintaining the freshness of them. Are you ready to save on cigars by buying bundles?

Many bundles are of the same quality as the boxed options and for much less. Have any questions regarding our cigars or accessories? Contact us today and we'll all any questions or concerns you might have.

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