The Guide to Buying Your Cigars Online

Nothing matches the comfort of online shopping and the ease of having your items delivered right at your doorstep. COVID-19 crisis taught us the importance of cleanliness while also drastically strengthening online delivery systems around the world. Shopping online has tons of benefits but safety tops the list considering the current situation our world is in.

However, there are certain products that demand a few things to consider before you proceed to buy them. Cigars belong to this group of products where you need to be a little peculiar while finalizing an online purchase. And why is that so? This is answered in the following:

Check for Fresh Cigars

If you want to have a good time smoking, it is extremely important to focus on the quality of cigar you are about to purchase. For the online store that you are planning to make your purchase from, make sure they store cigars in a humidor at appropriate levels of humidity and temperature (typically at 70% humidity and 70° F), as this online shop does. 

If the site does not say much about the maintenance, it is a better practice to contact and make queries. After all, it is about the taste you are looking for. And there should be absolutely no compromise to that.

Shipping and Delivery

Remember the first step? Cigars need to be stored at the right levels of humidity and temperature to maintain their original taste. If the site has a long shipping and delivery time, your cigars would be sitting in transit for a long time which is something that can compromise with their taste. 

Also, you would not want to have your cigars delivered a month after you wanted to smoke them. Ideally, 2-5 days of the delivery period is an acceptable bracket. Try this website if fast delivery is what you seek.

Try Before You Buy

If you are a first-time smoker or are skeptical about trying a different brand, it is always a good practice to try singles before buying multiple cigars. Make sure that the online shop you are ordering from has the option to buy singles first before you commit to buying the whole box. It allows you to taste the cigar and then decide if the taste suits you or not. 

Why waste your hard-earned money on something that you do not like if you can prevent it?

Cigar Size

One more thing to keep in mind while deciding to buy cigars online is to check on the cigar size. It is important to consider size while ordering cigars because it determines the amount of tobacco used, the flavor, and the time needed to smoke the cigar. 

Although it is usually listed on the product description page of the website you intend to make a purchase from, do make sure to find it in the product title or in the customer reviews. Typically, there are 10 cigar sizes and you get enough choices.

Customer Reviews

Confused about your online purchase and want to be sure that you are getting exactly the product you are looking for? Then customer reviews are the most honest, and close encounters you will have with the product. 

These reviews are written by customers who have had an experience with the item, giving you enough to decide whether or not to go ahead with the purchase. If the product you are buying does not have enough reviews, try searching for the reviews elsewhere. There are websites that specifically work towards reviewing online products.

Secure Website

Nobody likes getting scammed, and in a world where online shopping is trending, scammers try everything that they can to shell money out from users. It then becomes imperative to check that the website you are trying to make a purchase from, is secured and safe. Check for the latest data encryption technology or the lock beside the website URL to make sure it is SSL secured. 

And what does that mean? It means any information that you enter on this website is securely routed and is safe from any phishing attack. Also, a reputable online store will have its terms of use and privacy policy in place for its customers. Make sure to check those before finalizing anything.

Customer Support

Doesn't matter if you are a novice smoker or a connoisseur in smoking cigars, a little advice on a new cigar type can come handy. Also, sometimes you want to reach out to the site to have your queries resolved or want to know about the how-tos of smoking a premium cigar. After all, nobody wants their premium cigar smoking experience ruined. 

In such cases, interacting with a less experienced customer support team or no option to contact the support staff at all can leave you in a void of uncertainty. So, make sure the online shop has good after-sales support that acknowledges your queries and provides a consumer-friendly approach.

Word of Caution

Many times you would be offered perfectly curated, well-humidified, and almost premium feel-like cigars online with the name tag Cuban Cigars. However, if you are in the United States, navigate away from the listing, and never buy these cigars. Cuban Cigars are illegal in the country and can result in fines going as high as thousands of dollars. 

Also, there is a great quantity of counterfeit Cuban Cigars available online from which the counterfeiters fetch humongous profits. Beware of this practice to avoid having your hard-earned money doing down as fines.

Final Words

To sum it up, make sure the selected online shop focuses on the maintenance of cigars that helps retain their original taste. Delivery time should not take more than 5 days and the website has the option to order singles. The platform must be safe and secure to make any purchase, with a good, professional, and dedicated after-sales customer support.


Linda Dempsey

Date 8/25/2021

Robert T.

Date 12/6/2023

Robert T.

Date 12/6/2023

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