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Romeo y Julieta Reserve Real
Romeo y Julieta Reserve Real

Romeo y Julieta Reserve Real

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Since its introduction in 1875, Romeo y Julieta has been one of the best cigar brands ever crafted, and one beloved by seasoned connoisseurs and new smokers. Originally produced in Cuba, the brand was relocated to the Dominican Republic after the onset of the Cuban embargo.

Fans of the original Romeo y Julieta 1875 should enjoy this creamy Connecticut version featuring a complex mix of Nicaraguan long leaves that perfectly complement its silky wrapper.

The Reserva Real is a carefully balanced blend of aged Dominican leaf spiced with Nicaraguan ligero and finished in either a hand-selected blonde Connecticut shade-seed wrapper grown in the valleys of Ecuador, or a deep, dark San Andrés MorrĂ³n leaf. Slightly sweet in flavor, it's an expertly crafted handmade mild-to-medium-bodied smoke with a woodsy flavor and a tender aroma.

Unlike the classic version of Romeo y Julieta, the Reserva Real creates a creamier, smoother character with an elegant finish. This fine cigar brand makes for a fantastic after-dinner smoke.

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