The top cigar questions, answered

Cigars are respected and seen as a mark of class and status. Whether you wish to celebrate a special occasion or just retreat in the countryside, a cigar would be your best companion. Ahead, we’ve discussed some of the most common questions regarding them. 

If you are a beginner in the field of cigar smoking, you’d find the piece insightful. And if you’ve been smoking it for years, there are chances you’ll learn something new!

Top Cigar Questions: Let’s discuss

As mentioned above, we’ll try to make this piece relevant for everyone. And to further this cause, here are some of the questions and their answers relevant for beginners and experts alike. 

  • Where to smoke the first cigar?

As it would be one of the most distinct experiences of your life, search for the right place. Any place which is conducive for cigar smoking such as a lounge might be preferable. A cigar lounge might have experienced people you could reach out to for any help.

Otherwise, you could just opt to go someplace peaceful and use the internet for guiding you, as several YouTube videos might come to your rescue. 

At Cheap Cigar 4 Me, we have written lots of blogs you could visit. From ideas for making your first cigar experience peaceful to techniques for eliminating smoke, we’ve written about almost every topic that might concern a cigar smoker. So do give them a read!

  • Shall I use a cutter and carry it every time I wish to smoke?

Cigar cutters are specifically made for cutting out the bare minimum area to smoke. A wrong cut could ruin the whole experience in addition to damaging the cigar. This is why it is a wise idea to carry a cutter with you every time you smoke. They are available in several types such as V-shaped cutter, guillotine, and others. There are instances where people forget carrying one and thereby fall into a state of panic. If you are going through that experience right now, we suggest reading this blog of ours. 

It is titled ‘Enjoy your cigar without a cutter’ and as the title suggests, we’ve mentioned how you could help yourself in situations where you forgot to bring your cutter. So the bottom line is, buy a cutter of any style and carry it with you every time, whether you are on a short trip or long vacation. 

  • What is that powdery substance on my cigars?

There are two types of powdery substance generally found on a cigar. The first one is white in color and nothing to fear about. It is caused by cigars’ sweating of some oils that are contained in Tobacco. You can remove these powdery substances by just dusting off the cigar and it’ll be all gone. 

However, if it has a bluish color and leaves a stain when you try to dust it off, it's something more serious and known as mold. When the cigars aren’t kept at an optimum temperature, such a phenomenon takes place. We suggest keeping your cigars at the right temperature and at a place where the humidity is optimum. 

  • Should I age my Cigars?

We think it is a wise choice to age your cigars. This not only makes its flavor softer but also rounder. If you like mellow flavor, then opting to age your cigar would be beneficial for you. However, there are several things to note here so you don’t get surprised when they take place in real life. 

First, the cigar might pick up flavor from the cedar found inside the humidors, and second, if you keep the cigars in neutral environments such as glass, metal, or ceramic, the pure tobacco flavor might get a little bit deep. 

Other than these two concerns, we don’t find any issues with aging the cigar. We suggest aging them at a slightly lower temperature and humidity level than normal. 

  • How to get rid of the bugs crawling on my cigars?

Beetles cause many troubles to cigars and they are difficult to deal with. Even though quality control measures are employed by manufacturers, these beetles mark their presence on the cigars. You can kill their larvae by putting cigars in the freezer for 3 days and then moving them to a fridge for one day. After you put them out, make sure to dehumidify them otherwise the wrappers might get cracked. 

You can make yourself more aware of this topic by reading on the internet. Several people have written in-depth about their way of dealing with such beetles and other insects. 

  • Is it a wise idea to dip a cigar into cognac or rum?

People in the old times used to do this. This is because a few decades back, humidification technology wasn’t anywhere near what we witness in the present times. The cigars were shipped drier and they were dipped into rum or cognac to impart some moisture into them. 

However, now manufacturers ship and store them in a way that is conducive to keep them humid. So you don’t need to dip them in cognac or rum. Furthermore, it might also interfere with the taste of a cigar and make it soggy. 

So the bottom line is, keep a glass of rum with you, but only to enhance the experience of smoking a cigar.

Where do I buy the best Cigars?

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