Using Cigar Wraps vs. Using Different Rolling Papers

Nowadays, cigar fans can find high-quality products that were prepared in the factory and ready to be smoked immediately after purchase. Many enthusiasts prefer the old-fashioned method of preparing it on their own. This DIY approach allows for greater customization and experimentation, which can result in a more personalized and enjoyable smoking experience.

One aspect that can be customized is what you use to enclose the tobacco. You can easily find several different rolling papers that can do the trick. Cigar wraps are another option. Which is better? We’ll compare and contrast in this deep dive, so you can make your own educated choice.

What are Rolling Papers?

The term “rolling paper” refers to any sheet designed specifically for encasing tobacco. They’re not the same as the kind of paper you’d use for writing or computer printing. Different rolling papers are made from a variety of materials, such as rice, esparto, and flax. They often contain other chemicals designed to create a longer-lasting, smoother, and more enjoyable experience.

Rolling papers are the more traditional tool for tobacco enclosure. As a result, you can walk into just about any smoke shop and find packs containing substantial amounts. They come in several different sizes, and you can choose between thick and thin sheets.

What are Cigar Wraps?

Would you like some tobacco with your tobacco? Cigar wraps are sheets made from fermented tobacco leaves, which can give the smokes themselves more potency and kick. Growers often add to that effect by treating the wraps with other herbs and infusing them with other agents.

These leafy enclosures have a stronger association for preparing one’s own cigars by hand than rolling papers, which factories use for premade products. Although many contain plenty of artificially added chemicals, enthusiasts also tend to consider them a more natural solution. Those with an eye for quality should shop for wraps made of well-aged leaves from lower on the stalk.

Compare and Contrast

Knowing what rolling papers and cigar wraps are is one thing. Knowing how different rolling papers are from cigar wraps, and vice versa is another thing altogether. Both have their pros and cons compared to each other, and we pit them head-to-head based on various aspects in the following breakdown.


Tobacco leaves can run quite large — the biggest ones, which grow nearest to the ground, can be 23 inches long. Given that cigar wraps are basically just tobacco leaves, you can imagine that they run quite large as well. They may not be as big after their treatment, but they are still larger than rolling papers.

With that said, rolling papers are not exactly tiny, either. They come in several different sizes that can provide just the right amount of tobacco in each roll. Speaking of “right amount,” they may actually be preferable when smoking alone to cigar wraps, which use much more tobacco.

Ease of Use

Learning how to roll on your own will require practice. You may need a few tries before you can make one that holds the tobacco in place without unraveling. You may also need either a peek at online instructions or advice from an experienced friend. The question is, which one will make for easier practice?

In truth, either one could work. Cigar wraps don’t require much dexterity on the part of the user. Beginners will have an easier time hand-rolling these leaves than they will with rolling paper. Thankfully, the latter doesn’t have to be exclusive to experts. Thicker sheets are friendlier to novices, and rolling paper machines can produce a well-rolled cigar for you with less effort.

Burn Speed

When you smoke a cigar, you want it to last nice and long. Setting a paper on fire is usually a speedy process, burning itself out quickly. You wouldn’t want that when trying to enjoy tobacco a few puffs at a time. Manufacturers use certain materials, additives, and practices to ensure a mellower experience.

Cigar wraps tend to burn longer than most rolling papers due to their material. Somehow, a treated leaf can take more time to ash than rice and flax. As with what we wrote about ease of use, though, the rolling paper doesn’t have to be left in the dust. It just needs to be well-rolled, which is why practice is so important.


Rolling papers and cigar wraps alike often come without a specific taste, but different flavors are available. Most are fruity in nature, such as strawberry and watermelon. Zestier alternatives include honey and even cotton candy. You can choose the ones that complement the tobacco’s tang, or you can simply choose the ones you’d enjoy feeling on your tongue and throat.

With that said, rolling papers differ from cigar wraps in at least one way. They allow more of the tobacco’s flavor to come across with each puff you take. Whether that is an advantage or a disadvantage depends on the tobacco and your own preferences.

Average Cost

Different rolling papers will have different prices, but they are generally inexpensive. Do you remember how we said that you can probably find plenty at your local smoke shop? When you check the price, you will often discover that packs of 50 high-quality sheets will only cost a handful of dollars.

In contrast, boxes with fewer cigar wraps tend to set you back by more money. The process of making them is more complex and labor-intensive. You won’t break the bank unless you smoke cigars at an absurd rate. Still, budget-conscious types may want to save these wraps for special occasions.

Different Rolling Papers & Cigar Wraps For Sale

Rolling papers and cigar wraps both have their strengths and weaknesses when compared to each other. Neither is inherently or objectively better than the other. Only by trying both of them can you make an informed decision on which one you prefer.

Thankfully, trying different rolling papers and cigar wraps is easier than ever with Cheap Cigars 4 Me. At our online superstore, you can choose from all kinds of encasing sheets from trustworthy and popular brands. Shop with us and see which ones offer the most satisfying experience.


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